Gateway SDK

Where can I get access to the Gateway SDK?
I have the ARK-2121 and the WISE-4012E.


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    It depends on your Server grade (processor and memory) and network bandwidth.

    We assumed the network equipment is good enough and Core i7 CPU with 16GB RAM is using, WISE-PaaS/RMM Server can handle around 10000 Agents theoretically.

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  • Hello everybody
    i am a new member and a student.i look for ways to use advantech daqs in power electronic projects for example to drive a motor or to build a converter.but i do not know how to choose a good daq for these purposes.i really need help to learn how to compare two daqs based on their datasheets.please help me.
  • OliviaOlivia admin
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    hi Alimollaghasemi
    About DAQ related information, please check in here -->

    You can find some case study, white paper... Hope it help : )

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    Hi Everyone, This is Mrs.Muthumari from trichy... currently i am working on Remote monitoring wearable device ... that wearable device monitoring the all the health related parameters from them and send it to local storage and the external storage using GSM.... that collected data sent to cloud via Gateway... from the cloud data we can develop web application and the mobile application to view the status... and its analytics by the bigdata developer for the future enhancement
  • Help me how can i modify my product ... Give me your suggestion
  • LouisLuLouisLu admin
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    Hi Muthumari,

    If you can use GSM, why don't you connect to cloud directly, no need through the gateway, anyhow, if it doesn't break don't fix it. 
  • Hi,

    I have been trying to install WISE-PaaS RMM Wise-Server on my computer today, but before the completion of the installation (about 95%) the installer begin to make a `rolling back action` which once done closes the installer with this message displayed : 
    `The rmm 3.1 server setup wizard ended prematurely`.
    It says that there was an error but no hint of what caused the error.

    I deactivated my antivirus and my firewall.

    Here is my computer spec : 

    Intel Core i3-4150 CPU 3.50 GHz
    Windows 7 64-bit

    I also tried on another computer with windows 10 64-bit and got the same result (installation failed).

    I could successfully install WISE-PaaS RMM Wise-Agent.

    If anyone got a clue of what prevent me to install the WISE-PaaS RMM Wise-Server, I would be very thankful.

    Best regards,
  • Hi Vincent,

    Could you provide what JRE version is?
    RMM3.1 server needs to install JRE 7 or later version.
    Hope to help you.

  • @tungyi Thank you for the help, I correctly had JRE 7 installed.

    I solved by problem by installing the server on a Amazon instance.

    `discussion closed`
  • Hi Lawrence
    You can find some Gateway-SDK introduction in below link.  : )

  • 如果我想直接在這個頁面上增加我們Printer的資料,

    可以從WISEAgent的source code的哪個package開始著手。

  • 如果想上傳數據資料可先從 Sample 資料夾中的 SampleHandler 開始著手,Sample Handler 中展示了
    1. 如何實作 Plugin 接口,
    2. 如何透過 Message Generator Library 來描述數據內容,
    3. 將準備好的數據內容透過 Handler Kernel Library 快速實作出 RMM Plugin 的基本功能包括: 數據上傳至資料庫, RMM Threshold Rule, 與 Live View Monitoring。
  • Hi Olivia,
    The link you have posted is for a document about SDK, can you let us know from where the SDK can be downloaded
  • Very cool.  Basically like a wearable tricorder.?  I do believe that healthcare will be one of the biggest drivers of IoT / Smart gadgets, so keep up the good work, you are on to something.
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    Thank you for above info
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