[White Paper] WISE-IoT Introduction

摘要大綱 :

Abstract :


This white paper introduces Advantech WISE-IoT architecture for Internet of Things (IoT): that includes device on field-side and server-side, the Cloud architecture (WISE-PaaS) required to interact and manager the devices. The object is to provide IoT software developers have basic concept and more effective to achieve IoT solution.
This white paper includes:
  •  An overview of Internet of Things
  •  Requirements for IoT Architecture
  •  The WISE-IoT Architecture
  •  WISE-PaaS/RMM software Block Diagrams
  •  Interoperability for IoT
  •  Conclusions
The Internet of Things includes multiple different vertical markets.
  •  Factory automation
  •  Intelligence retail
  •  Transportation
  •  Agriculture
  •  Many more...
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