IOT cloud platforms or Build own IOT architecture

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Hi Guys,

Please help me understand  difference between IOT cloud platforms (aws IOT , IBM Watson IOT) and customise architecture .

By build my own IOT architecture  I meant , I'll catch sensor data in some messaging/queue application ( Kafka/Kenisis/rabiit mq) and then process it using spark streaming for generating alerts and then storing in some database for advanced analytics.

This was my initial approach before using IOT platforms , now after using IOT platforms they have solved the issue of data collection from sensors and generate alerts based on threshold values and many other impressive feature they have(real time dashboards).

My confusion is the task which i was trying to implement in my customise architecture  by employing messaging/queue application + spark streaming is being taken care by IOT platforms ?



  • Azure, AWS, IBM, they are offering PaaS solution for you to develop your own IoT applications, there are two items you have to consider about that, 1. do you want to build up those components by self even need to take care of stability and sustainability?
    2. Do you really know the pricing of each of component and afford to pay it?
    If you want to build up your server (back-end) by open source solution, you need also consider the engineering resource sufficient to take care of what I mentioned of 1.
    I suggest you can leverage Advantech WISE-PaaS/RMM, that is also built up by open source components and has fully verification for stability, reliability, security. you could more focus on the development of IoT application.   
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