Installing OS at UBC200

Hello every one,

I am  trying boot up the Advantech UBC-220 through mSATA .we have given power to the device  12 VDC, 1 Amps .

when I was powered up its showing only the Linux penguin image.After that there is no progress on long time.

Is this device contains any default OS for first use?

1)How to install the OS on the UBC200 ans list out them.

2)Is there any possibilities install OS at Flash Memory(4GB).

3) still I have not observed any Digital I/O pins in the datasheet .If its needed how do that?

4)I have found SIM slot in the board .what are all the limitations (like wifi) and how to use that.

5) is there chances to  add the pheripheral like GPS+GSM in the board in half or full mpci slot 

still I don't receive any error code regarding this.Its on idle mode only with this image

For further more details please see the attachment on here and kindly reply  to me on soon .


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