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  • hi Uri boros you can found some technical document of RSB-3410 in here
  • Hi Asiah_Saleh Advantech got completely solution for our customer. please let me know what solution that you looking for, so I can recommend you the latest products. Or you can check this ->http://www2.advantech.com/embedded-boards-design-in-serv…
    in MIC-1911 Comment by Olivia February 2018
  • Dear sitrsv, Mark Please take our PCM-3365 and PCM-3362 data sheet / user manual as your reference. PCM-3362: Data sheet / Technical Documents PCM-3365: Data sheet / Technical Documents If the issue still assist, welcome to contact with our UK tea…
  • Dear Jzhou I think for this product design, its still need HDMI or USB for display. It's better for your using.
  • Hi sumit2310 Could you let us know what country where you located , we can have our local AE to assist your issue? Thanks!
  • 1.  When the member post an article or give a comment, they will get one point. 2,   When member gets the badges, as rewards they will have extra points. For example: Being forum's member for one year will get 5 points. 3. Getting different badg…
    in Gateway SDK Comment by Olivia June 2016
  • HI Sir , We got your issue , and try to duplicate this issue in my side , also connect with 2 LAN and add “add eth0 eth1 “in my system , but I still can use ssh to log into the system . I will suggest to use the image was provided by us , t…
  • Dear Christian You may download this file through below URL https://www.dropbox.com/s/mg0jqssytoaxwmi/AcronisSetup-v1.1.16.919-6dcb6c304c2170a392f993e9a711d82a.zip?dl=0 Let us know if any question !
    in Acronis issue Comment by Olivia May 2017
  • Hi Adebusola We already prepared a completely IoT package for our client to build up edge-to cloud application with integrated hardware plus software. For your reference -->   http://www.advantech.com/srp/eis
  • Hi Lawrence You can find some Gateway-SDK introduction in below link.  : ) http://iotforum.advantech.com/discussion/162/gateway-sdk-introduction/p1
  • Hi citizen12 For your reference : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/iot-hub/iot-hub-devguide  
  • hi Alimollaghasemi About DAQ related information, please check in here --> http://www.advantech.com/products/data-acquisition-(daq)-control/sub_1-2mljza You can find some case study, white paper... Hope it help : )
  • Hi sonicchen We have some user manual file in our resource sharing area You can find the information in here. --> http://iotforum.advantech.com/categories/user-manual Let me know if any question : ) thanks!
  • harveylee您好,相關的說明文件及教學影片都可以在資源分享區搜尋到喔! 歡迎下載: )
  • 大多的技術資料在論壇中的資源區都有 IoT gateway 開發套件 相關網站 :   http://select.advantech.com/iotgateway/zh-tw/?_ga=1.142792562.69372158.1457493909    http://www.advantech.tw/embedded-boards-design-in-services/embedded-iot  如您需要到廠…
  • Dear Louis : I already checked about the link. It's fine to be downloaded. Please try again and you'll need to filled a simple form first. thanks!
  • 您好 Chauyan,歡迎加入研華IoT Developer Forum,各式物聯網議題的討論都能在這裡暢所欲言! 只要註冊成為論壇的會員,都能觀看討論區裡的文章內容,升級成VIP還可享有軟體下載及專家諮詢的服務喔! 目前論壇初建置,有不足之處還請見諒 ! 謝謝