Problem in I210 Ethernet controller in 6867 board


I am working with the Ethernet driver in SOM-6867 board.

I have observed that the driver is not working, if we set something other1than Auto-Negotiation in the board side (I.e. 100-Half, 10-Full etc.).

I am working with I210's internal PHY.


The sequence for setting some speed/duplexity in PHY is mentioned in section PHY Reset of the data sheet.
I have found that all other steps are OK, but setp 7"Wait for the CFG_DONE bit (EEMNGCTL.CFG_DONE0)." not OK. This bit is never getting set.

I have tried to perform some delay(around 100ms) instead of step 7, and rest of the sequence as sequence PHY Reset. In that case, the driver worked properly in 100/Full case.


Could anyone help in this matter.


Please note I have checked this with another different board(that means another type of target board,not the another copy of same type board). And have not faced this problem.


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    Hi sumit2310
    Could you let us know what country where you located , we can have our local AE to assist your issue?
    Thanks! :)
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