Questions about performance

Currently, I develop the product using the MIO-3260 computer.
The product configuration is connected to one embedded module using serial, one sonar device using serial
 and webcam is connected usig USB.

The MIO-3260 has a Windows 7 64-bit OS and runs Win32 programs developed with Visual Studio 2013. (Viewing and saving images on webcam was developed using opencv.)

When the same program was run on the MIO-2262, there was no problem with performance.
(The MIO-2262 has a 32-bit OS installed and I want to continue using it, but it has been discontinued and replaced with the MIO-3260.)

In MIO-3260, there is a performance problem when storing images while viewing images.
(The CPU occupancy is almost full, and the same is true for 32-bit OS installations.)
The BIOS settings are set to Default except the LCD, and the driver is properly installed.

I am so frustrated that I leave a question here and I would like some advice if I can give you some advice.

Have a good day.
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