Do you create Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices? Share your opinions with Intel.

Intel Corporation is looking for people who are creating the future of Internet of Things (IoT) like Fog, Edge Computing, Intelligent Gateways, and other smart devices to share their thoughts about what it takes to create the future of Internet of Things (IoT).  The promise of IoT is tremendous, but what does it take to make IoT devices real?  

How are you creating the future of IoT devices today?  We invite you to share your perspectives on this important topic by using your iPhone or Android device to participate in a mobile research study.  If you are a tried and true IoT professional who is creating smart devices, go to and apply now.  We'll ask you about your work today, what works at work, what doesn't, and what you envision in the future! 
For this study, we will use dscout, a well-respected mobile research tool that is secure, private, and easy for you to use.  You will need to download the dscout app for iPhone (4s or newer) or Android (running 4.1 or newer).  You can delete the app from your phone at the end of the study.  Complete the study and get $250. 
Note: we will ask you take photos or create videos, if you work in a setting where such is prohibited, don’t worry.  We will provide you with alternatives (for example, snag a picture of something similar off the internet) that will pass legal and security scrutiny.
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