Using node-red to activate relay on Wise-4012e

I have looked at the documentation for REST API for WISE-4012e, but must be doing something wrong.
In the doc, this is stated : 

Request: PUT /do_value/slot_0/ch_2
Content-type: application/json
{ "Ch":2, "Md":2,"Stat":0,"Val":0,"PsCtn":0,"PsStop":0,"PsIV": 0 }

Response: 200 OK

With my simple setup to trigger DO0 : 

[{"id":"619ea5e4.29d48c","type":"inject","z":"727d5bd1.f17394","name":"ClickOn","topic":"","payload":"{ \"Ch\":0, \"Md\":0,\"Stat\":1,\"Val\":1,\"PsCtn\":0,\"PsStop\":0,\"PsIV\": 0 }","payloadType":"json","repeat":"","crontab":"","once":false,"x":188.5,"y":190,"wires":[["382acef1.deb272"]]},{"id":"382acef1.deb272","type":"http request","z":"727d5bd1.f17394","name":"SetIt","method":"PUT","ret":"txt","url":"","x":360.5,"y":190,"wires":[["6cda9e53.af642"]]},{"id":"6cda9e53.af642","type":"debug","z":"727d5bd1.f17394","name":"","active":true,"console":"false","complete":"false","x":528.5,"y":190,"wires":[]}]

- I only get "ERR: 1000" "Msg:" as a response.

I really have tried googling and searching, but I cannot find a good guide or template to do this in node-red. Does anyone have any examples or links to share ?


  • I guess not...
  • I found the problem. There is a bug in at least the two last firmwares. The REST-api will for some reason (hard-coding??) only work if the password is the default one - 0000 0000.....
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