Advantech Announces Integration with ARM® mbed™ to Enable Scalable IoT Cloud Services

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Secure and Scalable IoT Device Management

With mbed Cloud, users can achieve flexible coverage across a vast range of ARM IoT client devices, efficiently manage them, establish trusted security, easily update software on devices in the field, and equip IT and DevOps teams for unparalleled productivity. Advantech integrated ARM Cortex®-M based technology with silicon to develop sensor nodes with built-in ARM mbed OS for enabling mbed Cloud services with Advantech WISE-PaaS IoT Software Platform, ensuring easy integration with existing systems.

“Advantech’s wide coverage wireless connectivity solution is empowered by ARM’s reliable processor technology,” said Miller Chang, Vice President, Advantech Embedded-IoT Group. “With benefits such as low power usage, various wireless transmitting module selections and mbed Cloud services, this combination is perfect for most IoT scenarios.”

“Device-to-cloud security and management are the ultimate enablers for IoT applications to scale, especially for enterprises seeking acceleration to market,” said Dipesh Patel, president, IoT Services Group, ARM. “Integration of certified and ready-to-use solutions built with ARM mbed OS and mbed Cloud services through WISE-PaaS Marketplace will speed the onboarding and management of IoT nodes for businesses.”

Diverse Software Services at IoT Software Platform

Customers can subscribe to mbed Cloud services via WISE-PaaS Marketplace with a few simple clicks to easily deploy, furthermore, WISE-PaaS Marketplace provides IoT Security, PaaS solutions, and pre-configured packages, all of which help construct an IoT ecosystem that fulfills customer needs. Customers can choose a standard suite for creating unique solutions, or combine standard and purpose-built packages to enable IoT edge intelligence and customize an IoT solution according to their specific requirements and usage conditions.

Pre-configured ARM WLAN and LPWAN Solution Packages

By selecting certified IoT gateways – WISE-3610 (LoRa gateway) and WISE-3620 (Wi-Fi gateway) – customers can utilize the mbed OS with WISE-1510 (LoRa) and WISE-1520 (Wi-Fi) nodes designed to fit different RF transmission requirements and environments: LoRa for long range sensor reporting, and Wi-Fi for short range communication with high throughput. IoT sensor nodes transmit data seamlessly to the mbed Cloud.

For more information about ARM mbed Cloud services, please contact your local sales team, or visit the Advantech website at

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