pcm-3365 isa power problem

We can't start board by CN28 & CN29 connectors (ISA). But it succes by CN1.
With pcm-3362 there is no problem.
What we doing wrong?


  • Hi,
    did you solve this problem? - we are having similar issues when replacing PCM-3362 with PCM-3365
  • Dear sitrsv, Mark
    Please take our PCM-3365 and PCM-3362 data sheet / user manual as your reference.
    PCM-3362: Data sheet / Technical Documents
    PCM-3365: Data sheet / Technical Documents

    If the issue still assist, welcome to contact with our UK team.
    AE -> AdamTC.Liu AdamTC.Liu@advantech.com.tw
    FAE -> Victor Yu victor.yu@advantech-uk.com
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