enable both LAN1 and LAN2 on UBC-330

We have bought UBC-330 board last week and exploring it. We are struggling with one issue on it. 
What I have done is edited /etc/network/interfaces file and added 'auto eth1' to start both eth0 and eth1 from boot time
After changes I have connected 2 LAN cables and restarted board but board is not coming up. Not able to login via ssh nor board is showing it in list of router.
I removed one LAN cable and rebooted board and it works. I connected LAN cable to other port while board is running but IP address is not being assigned to new port.
How to fix this?
What I want is to use both LAN1(eth0) and LAN2(eth1) in my program for sending and receiving data.



  • OliviaOlivia admin
    edited May 2017

    HI Sir ,

    We got your issue , and try to duplicate

    this issue in my side , also connect with 2 LAN and add “add eth0 eth1 “in my

    system , but I still can use ssh to log into the system .

    I will suggest to use the image was provided by us , then try it again .

    Test image : https://www.dropbox.com/s/9qxig1wojk3m9s9/UBC330LIV2000.7z?dl=

    Test result :

    Vi /etc/network/interfaces , then reboot the system .

  • Hi...i am a new user here. I also faced the same issue. So as per my knowledge you should connect with 2 LAN and add “add eth0 eth1 “in system.
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