WISE-1520 and Azure IoT

I have a WISE-DK1520 and would like to program it to connect to Azure IoT.  Is this possible or does this device only connect to the WISE‐PaaS/RMM backend?


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    edited November 2016
    Yes, you can download Azure IoT agent from MS website and develop what your need by our WISE-DK1520 SDK, the WISE-PaaS/RMM is our default offering to help you easy development your web application by RESTAPI. 

    The WISE-PaaS/RMM is also running on the Azure IaaS, you can host and operate that VM by yourself as well, I highly recommend you to leverage it to mitigate future maintenance problem. such as change cloud provider or private cloud demand. 
  • Thank you for the feedback.  What development toolchain do I need for working with the DK1520?  

    For example, when I attach an mbed NXP LPC1768 (Cortex M3), it mounts a drive on my PC where I can deploy code compiled with mbed.org compiler.  However, when I attach the DK1520 I do not see a similar way to deploy compiled binary.  

    I have looked for documentation on this without luck.
  • Any thoughts on this?  I just need to know what toolchain to use and how to deploy a compiled binary to the device.  Even a pointer to some docs would be much appreciated!

  • Found the information I was looking for at http://ess-wiki.advantech.com.tw/view/MCU/WISE-1520_SDK
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