Remote Monitoring Healthcare Product In IoT

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Hi Everyone, This is Mrs.Muthumari from trichy... currently i am working on Remote monitoring wearable device ... that wearable device monitoring the all the health related parameters from them and send it to local storage and the external storage using GSM.... that collected data sent to cloud via Gateway... from the cloud data we can develop web application and the mobile application to view the status... and its analytics by the bigdata developer for the future enhancement


  • Help me how can i modify my product ... Give me your suggestion
  • LouisLuLouisLu admin
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    Hi Muthumari,

    If you can use GSM, why don't you connect to cloud directly, no need through the gateway, anyhow, if it doesn't break don't fix it. 
  • Very cool.  Basically like a wearable tricorder.?  I do believe that healthcare will be one of the biggest drivers of IoT / Smart gadgets, so keep up the good work, you are on to something.
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